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How to Get a Sam's Club Membership for Next to Nothing

In my last post I told you how you could save money on your Disney vacation by buying Disney Gift Cards. Some of the best offers for those come up at Sam’s Club. As you know, you need a membership to shop at Sam’s, but I am going to tell you how to do that for almost nothing.

There are three simple steps to getting a Sam’s Club membership almost for free. Currently it will cost you $0.50!

The Steps (In Order)

1) Sign up for Dosh and earn $5. Add up to 5 Visa cards you will use around town. 2) Open Uber. If you don’t have it, use this link and get $5 towards rides.

Next, add a Visa (or two) as payment, then go to Settings > Visa Local Offers. Use those same Visa(s) around town and earn Uber credit. 3) Get a Sam’s membership. Use this link to signup and get a $20 Sam’s gift card. Make sure to pay with the same Visa you linked in both Dosh and Uber. 4) Use your Visa to shop for anything at Sam’s in-store, and instantly earn 5% cash back from Dosh, 5% back in ride credits from Uber, and 1-3% cash back if you’re using a Visa reward card. You'll also earn when you buy Disney Gift Cards that are already discounted 3-4% in Sam's Club warehouses, which altogether can give you a great discount on your next trip! (See my last post.)

Money Saved

For purchasing the Sam’s Club membership, you’ll get $20 + $2.25 from Dosh and $2.25 from Uber. Sam’s will email you a $20 gift card.

You’ll get $44.50 back, which means your Sam’s membership cost $0.50.

If you were new to Dosh and Uber you also got $10 cash back in rewards by using my links. If you are an Acorns member, you may get another $10 back for the Sam’s membership! Why Uber? But wait, you say, I don’t use Uber! Well, while you are traveling you likely will! Walt Disney World guests often don’t rent a car, since Disney provides transportation from the airport and all around the resort. However, sometimes you may like to go where the buses don’t go! Buses go from the resort hotels to the parks and Disney Springs, but If you want to go from your resort hotel to another resort for a dinner reservation, or venture off Disney property, Uber and Lyft are your friends. Do you want to go to a masjid for Friday Prayer (or other place or worship) on your trip? Use an Uber or Lyft. Those credits will come in handy. If you’re staying at Aulani, you can use your Uber credit to get to and from the Honolulu (HNL) airport. Same for Disneyland. If you’re taking a cruise, your Uber credit can get you from your pre-cruise hotel to the cruise port if your hotel doesn’t provide a shuttle. You can also use it back to the airport on debarkation day, or maybe even in some of the ports you visit.

Extra Notes:

  • The cash back percentage on Sam’s via Dosh varies. I have seen 2%, 5%, and even 10% back! The math above is for 5% cash back.

  • In the official rules, Cash Back from Dosh on Sam’s purchases doesn’t apply to gas or gift cards. :( So far, people are still reporting cash back from Dosh on gift cards they buy from Sam’s (in person) but be aware that could change at any time.

  • You can earn Dosh cash back from Sam’s once every 24 hours, so make sure your purchases from Sam’s are at least 24 hours apart. Max is $20 cash back per day.

  • Dosh doesn’t give cash back if you use your card as debit. Don’t use your PIN. When asked for PIN, press Other, and select “Sign for Purchase”. If you still don’t get credit for it, put in a support ticket with Dosh.

  • To shop ONLINE at Sam’s Club and earn cash back, you must go through the Dosh app. Uber doesn’t give credit for online purchases, only in-person.

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