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How to Save on Disney Vacations by using Disney Gift Cards

Your best bet to getting a good deal on your Disney vacation is by using the services and wisdom of a Disney-specialized travel agent (like moi). I can make sure you are not missing out on any special offers, keep an eye out for rate reductions, and give you my own personal tips and tricks. As my previous clients can tell you, I'm a valuable asset in your corner that costs you nothing!

Did you know that on top of that, you can further reduce the cost of your vacation by getting Disney gift cards at a discount? It’s true, and I’ve done it myself for every WDW trip I’ve taken, so I know that it works.

What do you mean?

Disney gift cards (DGC) are used to pay for just about anything at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, DIsney Cruise Line, and Aulani in Hawaii.

The secret is, you can get a discount on them! This can save you hundreds on your next trip. And it’s allowed!

What are they good for?

Disney gift cards are accepted at:

Walt Disney World & Disneyland- use DGC to pay for: resort hotel stays, dining plan, park tickets, annual passes, memory maker, dining, and merchandise/souvenirs. Carry a gift card to pay for your dining in the parks. Load money on a gift card for your child(ren) to spend on treats and souvenirs. Teach them money management and smart shopping. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Disney Cruise Line - use them to pay for your cruise fare, specialty dining (Palo & Remy’s), the fanciful ice cream shop, nursery care, spa treatments, and port adventures (excursions).

Aulani - use them to pay for your resort room, dining, babysitting for ages under 3, spa services, resort activities, and souvenirs. 20% discount? Ocean view, please! (PS. ask me about the special offer for 30% off at Aulani for early 2019)

Adventures by Disney - use them to pay for your trip

Disney Store - use DGC at your local store or online at ShopDisney.com

Where can I get them?

You can buy Disney Gift Cards in-store at Target anytime for 5% off by using your RedCard to pay (either debit or credit). This is a reliable, easy method. But sometimes there are offers out there where you can save even more. However, most are limited-time offers and may not still be out there when you read this.

Rather than list all the current methods of saving on these gift cards, I will tell you where the latest deals are posted.

Ways To Save for Disney is a great Facebook group where the latest deals on Disney gift cards are shared. At the time of writing, there were offers that save 9-16% on DGC posted in the group. I have seen up to 20% off! Points to Neverland is another website where DGC deals are shared.

These are legit methods and I have used them myself with great success. Give it a try!

What do I do with all these gift cards?

Once you get started, you’ll likely be buying gift cards in denominations of $50 and $100, which means you’ll need quite a few to pay for your vacation. Who wants to read numbers off the back of a dozen cards over the phone to their travel agent, or hand a stack of cards to the person checking you in at the front desk of your Disney resort hotel? Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Disney has a website where you can consolidate your gift cards. Create an account at disneygiftcard.com and you can merge your cards into amounts up to $1000. And if a card gets lost, you can easily move the funds to another card on your account. This is the place where you can move a set amount to a child’s gift card too.

This makes it a lot easier to make payment, as well as protects your funds.

What do I do next?

Share this valuable info with your family & friends.

Contact me to help you start planning your next Disney vacation today!


Jessi Frenzel

Dream Builders Travel Group

214-620-0695 - jessi@dreambuilderstravelgroup.com


Many thanks to Amy Downs Rakes, Grace Jones, and the smart people at the Ways to Save for Disney facebook group, as well as Points to Neverland for teaching me so much of this info.

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